Yoon Sang Hyun releases “Run & Run” for ‘Tone-Deaf Clinic’ OST

Singer and actor Yoon Sang Hyun has participated in the official soundtrack of his latest film, ‘Tone-Deaf Clinic’.

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Actor Yoon Sang Hyun was selected as the new face for a Japanese department store.

On June 28, MGB Entertainment, Yoon’s agency, said, “Yoon recently finished filming the advertisement for Design 89, a Hallyu shopping mall in Tokyo, to open in July.”  Read more
Korean actor-singer Yoon Sang Hyun successfully wrapped up his Japanese tour!  Read more
Korean actor Yoon Sang Hyun released his fourth single in Japan on Februay15. Its title track is “Goodbye, Sadness,” a re-make of Japanese band Anzen Chitiai’s original.  Read more
T-ara received love call for endorsement from Himart Refrigerator.

This time the girls team up with popular actor Yoon Sang Hyun for the latest CF,check out their collaboration here!  Read more
Singer IU revealed the prudent side of singer Yoon Sang.

IU came out on MBC’s “Come to Play” and said “I usually call him ‘dad’. He also sends me a lot of text messages on how I did on variety shows. However, there is one thing bad about this. He gets sad and mad at me if I don’t text him back.”  Read more
Actor Yoon Sang-hyeon plans to release an album in Japan next year, according to his agency MGB Entertainment on Tuesday.  Read more
Korean singer and actor Yoon Sang-hyun will hold a special fan meeting in Japan next Tuesday, according to his agency MGB Entertainment on Friday.

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Korean actor and singer Yoon Sang-hyun will be releasing his second single album in Japan at the end of this month, according to his agency MGB Entertainment on Friday.   Read more
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