Boyfriend's Youngmin confirmed for 'Protect The Family'

Boyfriend's Youngmin has been confirmed to join the cast of KBS's new drama 'Protect The Family'.

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Boyfriend has kicked off their March comeback with the first teaser photo and video featuring Jo Twins (Youngmin & Kwangmin).  Read more
Boyfriend's Black and White Photos for Dearberry have been unveiled.  Read more
Boyfriend's Youngmin wants to celebrate his birthday with a fan meeting.

Youngmin left a message for fans saying "My birthday is coming up soon.. I want to ask the company whether we'll hold a fan meeting like this too.."  Read more
Boyfriend's Donghyun recently posted his message for Bestfriends who support them and now, Youngmin left his message for the fans on Daum Cafe.

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Boyfriend's Youngmin left his message for their fans on Daum Cafe!

Read his message below.

[From. Youngmin♡] Year 2012!!!!!Hello, it feels like a long time since I’ve posted~~I’m a bit late and don’t know if you guys spent Christmas wellI…..Now 2011 is leaving and 2012 is comingAnd get ready for the many happy new year wishes as well~~~Everyone will be going on New Year’s Day to see their grandmas and grandpas right??Since it’s the end of the year, we really have a lot of practices~~Even so, we’re going to show you all a good image of us andwork really hard.So please watch over us~~Well then, bye~~~~  Read more
Boyfriend twins Youngmin and Kwangmin confessed that they got their first kiss stolen by a nuna staff. on KBS 2TV 'Hapy Together 3' aired on the 23rd.  Read more
As soon as they debuted, BOYFRIEND became the hottest idol group, ‘uljjang’ twins Youngmin and Kwangmin(16) snaps a friendly picture with actor Kim Kabsu and it’s receiving lots of attention.  Read more
Idol group BOYFRIEND member Youngmin sculpture-like appearance became a topic.

On the 10th, Youngmin's agency, Starship Entertainment, revealed a picture of him, who was getting ready to get on stage in the waiting room.  Read more
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