Chae Rim and Gao Zi Qi mix Korean and Chinese culture in their wedding pictorials

Recently, actress Chae Rim and Chinese actor Gao Zi Qi’s romantic Wedding pictorials have been released.

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Korean actress Chae Rim and Chinese actor Gao Zi Qi have just released their sweet wedding pictorials through the latest issue of ‘ELLE BRIDE’ magazine.  Read more
On July 23, due to various telephone inquiries, Chae Rim's agency Sidus HQ released an official announcement that Chae Rim and Chinese actor Gao Zi Qi decided to get married on upcoming October 14th.   Read more
Celebrities in Sidus HQ such as singer Jaebum and actors Jang Hyuk and Kim Suro will be starting a celebrity charity service. 

Sidus HQ spoke on the 25th, "Celebrities in our agency will be creating a 'share the love' event for those alienated in society and for children's welfare. The campaign will be titled 'Let's go together, a kiss of love campaign' and will consist of events such as lip printings and autographs. All profits wil be donated to 'Fruit of Love.'"   Read more
The role that made Chae Rim a star was the 2000 Hallyu hit All About Eve, which is now getting aChinese remake starring Chuno’s Jang Hyuk, and she’ll have a special appearance in the new drama as well.The Korean miniseries was a huge hit and paired Chae Rim with Jang Dong-gun, while pitting her against devious rival Kim So-yeon, the latter of whom knocked it out of the park portraying the quintessential backstabbing second lead in the role based on Eve of the original Hollywood film. Jang Hyuk will take the Jang Dong-gun role — a gentle Prince Charming of a PD who was Chae Rim’s boss at the broadcast station where they worked — while the rest of the cast will be played by Chinese actors. Chae Rim’s role has been cast with Zhu Dan; Kim So-yeon’s will be played by Cheryl Yang.It’s not yet clear what kind of character Chae Rim will play in her cameo (I’ll bet it’s an anchor at the broadcast station, but that’s just a guess). China’s version of All About Eve will air in September.Meanwhile, Chae Rim just wrapped up her latest drama, the feel-good Oh My Lady with Choi Siwon in which she played an ajumma who works for (and eventually develops a rapport with) a spoiled top star. She has not yet announced a follow-up project.Via BNT News  Read more
Actress Chae Rim and Singer Hyuna has been spotted wearing the same dress but wears it at a totally different style. Chae Rim is part of the SBS drama "Oh!My Lady" and was seen wearing the same dress Hyuna wore on a photo shoot for HIGHCUT.  Read more
Siwon of Super Junior is currently filming for his upcoming drama ''Oh! My Lady'' featuring Chaerim, Lee Hyunwoo and others.   Read more
Sina Entertainment News Beijing time, 22nd February, afternoon news, according to Korean media reports, the TV new drama that is scheduled to air on the 22nd of March, released new pictures of the drama, with the "madam manager" role that Chaerim will take on garnering special interest. is a drama about the female lead played by Chaerim, who by chance becomes the manager of a top star. Korean idol group Super Junior's Choi Siwon will play the big star in the drama, acting opposite Chaerim.  Read more
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