[DKP Exclusive Photos/Videos] Kim Hyun Joong in Manila

Kim Hyun Joong visited Philippines on August 25 to promote his "Breakdown" album and for "Hi Five Touch" event.

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On tonight's episode of Music Core, the boys of CN BLUE sent our their love to the audience as they performed their popular song 'Love'. Instead of the stage they're used to performing on, they were on a floating block in the middle of a lake outside Carribean Bay and performed in public.  Read more
Tonight on Inkigayo, the talented boys of CN Blue went on and performed their song 'Love!' Their amazing ability to play a variety of instruments in a band is sure different to those idol groups who sing along with a dance, but these guys are definitely just as good as any. Everybody show some 'love love love' and everybody  Read more
Here CN Blue with "Love" on Inkigayo! Show them some Love! Check their performance below~

Video Source CrazyCarrot350 @ YT

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