[INTERVIEW] INFINITE on Inkigayo Magazine June 2012 Edition!

We want to gain recognition through ‘The Chaser’.Sunggyu: Something I want us to get recognized for is our challenge mindsets? And I also want to hear that we did the new challenge coolly as well.Woohyun: I want to get recognized as the front-runner in informing people about K-pop. My wish is to make the world learn about South Korea and the whole Korean maze that’s in K-Pop, with the sailor’s chant lyrics in our title song, ‘The Chaser’ or our melody that is similar to Korean culture.Sungjong: I want to receive recognition from the company’s staff and the composers, Sweetune. When the lyrics first came out, there were other propositions but through discussions, it was decided like this ‘We’ll do it with eogiya diyeoracha’; These days the KPOP storm is huge and we planned to try out something new with a Korean feeling. To fix Infinite’s only color, all the members are working hard with the singing or the performance. Because we’re doing so, of course, we got even more attached.Hoya: Honestly, for the first lyrics, writing a rap that was giving off an even more Korean feeling was a mental breakdown, in my situation. At first, I was worrying a lot but in the end, we wrote it our way.Dongwoo: These days, KPOP’s influential power is amazing, to get Korea known a bit more, I believed in the words ‘The most Korean thing is the most international’. We wanted to mix a dance track leavened with a Korean sensitivity and beauty to give off the best synergy effect well once. For the things we wanted to win through this song, the ranking is important but over that ranking, it was the reaction about Infinite’s other face and new image.Sungyeol: A new try. It would be unfamiliar to the public but I hope to gain recognition as they get used to it and acknowledge that ‘This is exactly Infinite’s peculiarity’.L: The Chaser is the important album that appeared after a very long hiatus after ‘Be Mine’ and ‘Paradise’. I wanted to show that now, to some extent, we could have a transformation and have a different style while staying in Infinite’s music frame. We’re not scrubbing off one color totally, we wanted various colors to live and coexist in Infinite’s inherent color. To do so, it’s a good thing to experiment a few things.

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Euuuuung…Ah, helloAh, who is this?Hm?Eu, eung… Hi..AhooIt’s late, what’s up?Huh? I missed you tooSince it’s really late, you need to hurry up and sleep and not sleep too late,alright, I’ll see you tomorrowSleep well, good night~Hurry up and sleep. Okay, I’m sleeping nowBye bye…Jinyoungie hyung, did you finish wearing your clothes?(Whistling)Oh, what’s this… It wasn’t turned off…(Wears his hat while looking at the screen… Winking while waving his hand ㅎㅎ)-Teaser Serif-  Read more
Hello?What? Who said that?Ah, it’s a misunderstanding, shh, the guys will wake up.I’m telling you that it’s a misunderstanding.Soojungie is just a friendReally… Hu…You know that to me, there’s only youI’m telling the truthWhy aren’t you sleeping? It’s late, hurry up and sleepOkayI’ll call you tomorrow. Sleep well, good nightChu~-Teaser Serif-  Read more
Hello?ㅎㅎ Did you wake up?Hyoo, ah… I didn’t know you were sleeping… Ah, sorry..Want me to sing you a lullaby?Uhm, wait just a moment…Sleep well, my baby~ In the front yard and the back hill… Huh?I can’t remember the lullaby…But you’ll still be able to sleep now, right?Are you sleepy now?Alright, sleep well~Dream of me~Good night~-Teaser Serif-  Read more
Hello?What are you doing?It’s this late, but you’re still not sleeping?I’m going to sleep tooAh, where should we meet tomorrow?I’ll go to your houseIs there someone you want to eat?Ah, I found this really tasty shop.Just follow meYou’ll really be surprisedDon’t come back again after eating here thenDid you ever see me lie before?I’m going to sleep once you sleepYou hang up firstAh, okay, then when I count 1, 2, 3, we hang up.ㅎㅎ Why didn’t you hang upOkayThis time is for realOkay, okayGood night~-Teaser Serif-  Read more
Deviation of B1A4 So BadBABY GOOD NIGHTWe get a peek at the so bad deviance done by the sweet B1A4, who sings us lullabies. If you have never been suspicious of your boyfriend’s affectionate actions, you should probably explore the cute cheating done by these five males. You will melt away at their sweet lullaby. Since experience is something that is good when stacked up, don’t completely melt at that affection, and try being suspicious of them. Shh! Everything happens ‘while you’re sleeping’.  Read more
What are you doing?Were you still not sleeping?What are you doing awake?I just finished showering and laid down to sleepAhoo, the other members are all sleepingI can’t make be loud, need to be quietI don’t have anything special to do tomorrowOkay, then I’ll call you first tomorrow. See you tomorrowSleep well and have a good dreamSleep well baby, I’ll see you tomorrowBye~-Teaser Serif-  Read more
This is kinda old but a worth reading.

CNUSincere MindUp until now, there is not been a character like this. The concept of being ‘four-eyed’ is unprecedented and unparalleled in the history of idols, is unique, and has attracted urgent attention from across the seas from even overseas. It’s been 5 months since B1A4′s debut, and as a promise to himself, CNU continues to experience things with a precise, accurate and upright personality. Be it during practice, or on stage – he lives everyday earnestly, treating every minor thing as a new challenge. Even since his trainee days, a precious thing he’s heard so often that he’s sick of; before bed every night, he should have some time to think about the day’s event and reflect on them. That time would be an opportunity to lash out on themselves on everything they did, and to decide what they will do on the next week. It allows a person to mature, and makes someone feel pleased. He shares this information with the other members, with a ‘model student laughter’. As we remember, he shared in the previous interview that the members will gather together on Saturday nights and have a time to talk – we’re curious if they still hold true to this. “Ahaha! Due to our busy schedules after debut, we have not had chances to gather on Saturday nights and talk. But we have more time for regular conversations now, and there usually are no problems. Um… There are just things to be observed during our daily life… For example, underwear and socks etc should be separated before it is taken to laundry. Or even simple dish washing, and tidying up their personal clothing. These rules have to be discussed, in order to spend our daily lives more comfortably.” CNU is a ‘wild smiling angel’, and the more you see him, the more he is a guy with overflowing warmth and charm. Even though it seems like a lot of secrets are hidden behind that smile, in reality he is very shy in the beginning. But when he opens up eventually, you’ll find that he’s affectionate and passionate. You find out that he’s actually warm, and his softheartedness causes him to get hurt easily which he doesn’t heal from easily. The only people who can comfort and nurse his wounded heart would be the family that he loves and is most thankful for. “The fact that they believe in me gives me a lot of strength. There are times that I talk to my mother or elder sister over the phone, but I do not talk much about our promotional activities so they are worried about my health. To have my family believing in my judgement and quietly cheering for me makes me happy and thankful.  Read more
*On the green sign Baro’s holding: with B1A4, everyone will follow it right? Please~!Campaign Song Star 02Happy was-Drive! With B1A4Let’s protect traffic safety  Eco Drive with B1A4!Are you familiar with ? It is a word that has been created to state the very narrow strange signs of there being that before 1 big accident occurs, there are approximately 29 minor collisions and over 300 traffic law violations. (by Heinrich) The amount of car accidents in Korea in a year is 226,878, and deaths from those accidents are 5,505 (2010 standard) and this exceeds over twice the average level of the OECD, and is in a situation avoiding the very last. At times like this are when we need to pay more attention to the ‘Traffic Safety’ that is easy to miss throughout our everyday lives correct?Here we will teach you what ‘Traffic Safety’ is, taking initiative and using their bodies, pay attention to B1A4’s practice of the traffic safety with their promising actions. Heavily armed with their trendy sense of music, they came back with their first album and are now the 2nd runner-up  for the ! “Please Stop! Please protect the safety!” Laughing while protecting the traffic safety, let’s Eco with B1A4 together today as well for the traffic safety of the advancing country of Korea!*In the yellow section:2012, what you should look out for on the roads! Drive Carefully~OK?Please confirm the inside of the car used for your child’s commuting to school! ⇒ Did you know that if we look at the current conditions of car accidents, children are the next highest of being involved with accidents after drunk driving? The driver should directly get out of the car and check for the child’s safe entering and exiting of the car.  Read more
B1A4: A close up with the five member group that will be debuting in Japan this summer! SP gravure (photos) and interview

1. A shot of MBLAQ’s Joon and miss A’s Suzy’s double life! The three of them who are so in sync together that it makes Goo Ha-ra and Nicole, who are promoting overseas for a while, sad - it’s mission accomplished for being the hosts of for a day!  Read more
Group 2AM is featured in Inkigayo magazine April 2012 issue. We will post the translation of the article once it is up.  Read more
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