Former SM The Ballad's Jino becomes a Cube Entertainment trainee

Do you still remember the cute and talented maknae of the original SM The Ballad? After not hearing from him for awhile, now it's revealed that he's currently a trainee under Cube Entertainment.

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Stage Name: JinonBirth Name: Kim Jin CheolBirthday: July 13, 1989 Label: Can entertainmentGroup: F.CuzPosition: Leader, Main Rapper, & Lead DancerHeight: 183 cmWeight: 68 kgTwitter: @jinchulvv  Read more
F.CUZ revealed Jinon's secret!

F.CUZ was on SonbadakTV 'Idol TV F.CUZ' on 2nd August and the members revealed Jinon's secret!  Read more
It has been revealed that group F.CUZ's leader Jinon has caught love sickness.

F.CUZ  reveal members' secrets on SonbadakTV 'Idol TV - F.CUZ' on the 26th.  Read more
It has been reported that F.CUZ leader Jinon has suffered an injury which may delay their AUgust comeback.  Read more
F.CUZ's Jinon revealed his abs and his make-up-less face during a live broadcast.

On the first episode of Sonbadak TV 'Idol TV F.CUZ' aired on June 5th, the members of F.cUZ made their first attempt at being variety MC's. Based on viewer votes, one of the F.CUZ members revealed his face without make-up. The result was leader Jinon.  Read more
Jinon of idol group F.CUZ, who recently came back with their new song 'No. 1,' showed off his groundless confidence, causing laughter.

On the episode of KBS 2TV's "Let's Go Dream Team Season 2" aired on the third, Dream Team competed against the shipbuilder (T/N: I think...?) team at Kyungsang-nam-do gejeshi gohyeonman in a 5-obstacle challenge.

Jinon introduced himself as "the king's return," but MC Lee Changmyeong said "only his mouth is alive," causing laughter (T/N: I believe it means that it's just his words; it's not true)

Continuing, he said "While abroad, I made sure to monitor 'Let's Go Dream Team.' It's supposed to be entertainment but it seems too much like a documentary," causing laughter and "boo"s while previewing his passion.

Lee Changmyeong said, "No. It's become entertainment since Shorry joined," to which Jinon responded, "Only Shorry-hyungnim's reactions get broadcasted though?" humiliating Shorry. To continue, he added on, "I shall save Dream Team. I'll show you entertainment," causing more laughter.

Before, Jinon was often eliminated at the first obstacle, earning the nickname "Heodang Jinon" (T/N" It means clumsy or stupid). 

On this episode, he was eliminated at the showers of the first episode, where he he had to cross a spinning stepping stone bridge while tossing balls out of the net.

The caption reading "Jinon has won three times but never at the obstacle course" with the image of Jinon fallen in the water caused further laughter.

Marco, Ricky Kim, Choi Sungjo, Shorry (Mighty Mouth), and Park Jaemin were on this episode of 'Let's Go Dream Team.'  Read more
Check out the interview clip below,the girls are having some fun with F.Cuz's Jinon during the interview!  Read more
M1 was the codename SNSD trained under, and it looks like S.M. is expecting big things from this group of seven boys as well. Reportedly, this group will also include Jino from S.M. The Ballad, and will debut in March. Netizens have been referring to them as “Land of Boys” or “Boy’s Heaven.”  Read more
SM The Ballad were guests for Noh Hongchul's ChinChin Radio on 23 December.  Read more
After the release of 'Hot Times' MV a few weeks ago, fans have been saying that they wanted to see the coloured version of the MV as the MV was black and white in colour.  Read more
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