Hwang Jung Eum talks about her 9-year relationship

Recently, in a magazine interview, actress Hwang Jung Eum shared openly about her long relationship with singer Kim Yong Jun.

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Singer Kim Yong-jun of SG Wannabe entered the Army on Feb. 16 to fulfill his national service obligation, wishing his fans farewell and promising a comeback after his time is up.  Read more
SG Wannabe member Kim Yong-jun will be conscripted into the army on Feb. 16 to fulfill his military service.  Read more
It has now been confirmed that Kim Yong Jun of SG Wannabe will be entering the Military service this year. On the 26th of January, a representative said, "Kim Yong Jun is ready and has been preparing for his military service for the past few years. After finishing all his schedule and concert this January, he will enter the military service".  Read more
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