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Group name: UNIQ (유니크)Name meaning: Unique + Unicorn Label: Yuehua Entertainment & YG EntertainmentDebut date: Oct 20, 2014Debut song: Falling In Love

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Group name: Soul Star (소울스타)Label: NAP entertainmentMusic Genre: R&B, SoulDebut year: 2005  Read more
Group name: HALO (헤일로)Name meaning: Hexagon of Absolute Light and OrganizationLabel: AYIN Holdings (formerly known as C.Two Entertainment)Debut date: June 7, 2014Debut song: Fever  Read more
Group name: V.O.SName meaning: Voice of SoulLabel: Star Empire entertainmentGenre: R&B, balladDebut year: 2004


Name: Choi Hyun Joon (최현준)Birthdate: March 7, 1981Height: 179 cmWeight: 63 kgSchool: MyungJi JeonMun UniversityBlood type: A  Read more
Group name: G.O.D (지오디)Name meaning: Groove Over DoseDebut under JYP entertainmentDebut year: 1999

G.O.D is a legendary Kpop group. The group was very successful, beingone of the few groups to have an album become a "million seller" in K-pop.   Read more
Group name: JJCC /Double JCKorean Name: 더블제이씨Label: Jackie Chan Group KoreaDebut date: March 20, 2014Debut song: At first  Read more
Group name: 5urprise/ 서프라이즈Label: Fantagio  Read more
Group name: G.IAM (지아이엠)Company: Gepetto TheaterDebut year: 2012Debut song: Only you  Read more
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