Son Ho Young reveals about Park Joon Hyung's bride-to-be

On May 6th, G.o.d member Son Ho Young expressed his thought about Park Joon Hyung's upcoming marriage through SBS's 'Night TV entertainment'.

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g.o.d's Son Ho Young and ZE:A's Dongjun will present a collaboration stage on the upcoming episode of KBS's 'Immortal Song'.  Read more
Earlier today on September 1st, Dispatch came out with an exclusive report saying that g.o.d's Son Ho Young and singer Ami are currently dating each other. They also included some photos of the two enjoying their bicycle date at Han river on August 12th.  Read more
After their digital release for 'Ugly Duckling', g.o.d fans couldn't wait for more for their upcoming comeback next month.  Read more
On April 16th, Son Ho Young made his 1st TV appearance on channel O'live TV's 'Share House' after 10 months of break.

Last year, Son Ho Young's girlfriend committed suicide, making him suffer a mental breakdown and he decided to stop his career, disappear for a period of time. His comeback through 'Share House' after 10 months received a lot of attention.  Read more
After the tragic death of his girlfriend, singer Son Ho Young has been reported to have attempted suicide in his car.

According to police, Son Ho Young attempted to kill himself using the same method as his deceased girlfriend, by lighting a piece of ignition coal in his car on the morning of May 24th. However, the car caught on fire from the coal briquette and he escaped. A passerby noticed the fire and quickly called the fire department.  Read more
It has been reported that Son Ho Young’s girlfriend was discovered dead in his car.  Read more
Singer Son Ho Young triumphed in the finals of ‘Master Chef Celebrity’ on cable channel Olive TV, beating out two other celebrity finalists, Fei of miss A and comedian Shin Bong Sun.  Read more
Singer Kim Tae Woo recently confessed to secretly turned down a 6 billion won contract offer during his days as a member of g.o.d.  Read more
Former g.o.d member Son Ho Young entertained at a fan meet in Japan on July 22, making his way to the island nation some 10 months since his last fan meet there.  Read more
Son Ho Young recently made a shocking confession about his past relationship.  Read more
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