Rainbow's Woori is known for her angel face and devil body, check out some of her hottest selcas below:





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Rainbow's rapper Woori is known to have kept her figure absolutely well all the time by hitting gym regularly, let's have a look at today's hot girl collection1.  Read more
Rainbow's Woori impresses with her beauty at the Busan Film Festival, check out her photos here:  Read more
Rainbow's Woori reveals new photos for Star1 magazine.

She seems to be enjoying her photoshoot very much, check out the photos attached

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Rainbow's Woori showcases her feminine charm for the latest issue of Star1 magazine.

She poses confidently and portrays the image of a mature woman perfectly in her photoshoot, check out the photos here  Read more
Rainbow's Woori wows viewers with her sexy bikini appearance in the latest episode of MBC drama 'Flower of the Queen'.

Her character, Seo Yoo Ra tried to seduce Park Jae Joon (Yoon Park) as they were left together in a swimming pool after attending the wedding ceremony of Rena and Min Joon. Woori asked Jae Joon to be with her for the meantime.  Read more
On May 7th, RAINBOW's Cho Hyun Young and rapper Sool J released another new collaboration song called 'Love Flower,' featuring Rainbow's Woori.  Read more
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