Crime and Mystery has always had us glued to our seats when it comes to TV. Human brain is wired such that, it is attracted to curiosity and mystery. It gets more enticing, when the show strikes the right balance in personal and professional lives of the protagonist. It gets too hard to hate them for all their cruelties when it comes to them having their personal lives just like a common man. Romanticizing the “villain” makes it more worth watching. Ironically, making it hard to decide whose side the show’s at.

If you are the one who shares the same thoughts, then go on and add these, breathtaking crime & mystery series with a bit of drama to your immediate binge list. Let me assure you, they are like Beethoven’s symphony, ending at a point to keep you wanting for more. So plunge right in, and tune in your cox tv (visit here if you don’t have it already) and have the experience of your lives.


Who doesn’t know Sherlock? The series is set in 21st century as the Modern adaptation of the famous detective stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The award winning, critically acclaimed series stars Benedict Cumberbatch as “Consultant Detective” Sherlock Holmes doing justice to the role just right. Whereas Martin Freeman plays Doctor John Watson and Andrew Scott plays the role of James Moriarty adding near to perfection amount of Drama to it. 

True Detective 

What could be better than having Matthew McConaughey and Now You See Me famed Woody Harrelson share the same screen? True Detective brings this treat to your eyes with a ‘couch-clenching’ anthological (having a different set of characters in each season crime drama plot. Bringing together the story of two troubled detectives determined to solve the mystery of 1995 Murder and their 17 year old search of a serial killer. My personal suggestion is to must watch the season 1 and thank me later.


Narcos is a slang for narcotics or a drug dealer. After multiple documentaries the series was finally brought together with a star cast that couldn’t have been any better. The series gets even more gripping because of the right balance between its raw-ness and creative dramatization. Series on one hand showing the passion of Pablo Escobar (played by Wagner Moura) towards his family. Thus depicting his softer side behind an animal on the outside. This series, after Game of Thrones brought Pedro Pascal (playing the role of Agent Javier Pena) to limelight after a long period of struggle in the domain of acting. Go ahead and watch the first two seasons without blinking your eye.

Peaky Blinders 

The gripping story of a war hero Tommy Shelby set in 1920’s Birmingham, England. Leading a gang by the name Peaky Blinders, determined to move ahead no matter what. A story of crime, drama, loss and survival. The series won the BAFTA Award in 2018 for best drama series. I myself, after binge-watching the four seasons couldn’t gather patience for the fifth season to arrive. I bet it’ll leave you feeling the same.

Twin Peaks (1990-1991, 2017)

Allow me to take you back to the golden 90’s and introduce/reintroduce you to this 90’s classic. It is always a great idea to re-watch a much revered series. Twin Peaks is mystery drama series based on the story of an investigation lead by an FBI agent into the Murder of a homecoming queen in the fictional town of Twin Peaks (hence the name!). It was one of the top rated series in 1990 but declining ratings led to its cancellation in 1991. However, the great news is, it has come back in 2017 with the cast grown 27 years. Bringing them all together for maybe “the last time”. But the creator wants you to not just show love to it by subscribing only. You might have to do a bit more to have more. 


Who doesn’t like something extra when it comes for free? 


Need a treat to the eye, with a catching story? Look no further. Lucifer is the story of Lucifer Morningstar (a more glamorous depiction of the age old idea of Lucifer) tired of being a dutiful servant of hell. He has now come to settle in Los Angeles- City of Angels to have a closer understanding of Humanity. Let your eyes have the pleasure of watching this handsomeness doing stuff around, with the right amount of humor to help your funny bones.

Orange is the new Black 

This, unarguably being the longest series and still going strong. After being convicted of transferring drug money a contrarily law following woman gets sentenced to over a year in jail. Where she discovers how that environment changes one’s personality.

Top of the Lake 

Last but not the least, Starring ‘Mad Men’ famed actress Elisabeth Moss the plot is quite interesting including a detective standing against small town secrets and discovering a new side to herself while solving a case of the disappearance of a 12 year old pregnant girl. This is truly a show worth watching, with the second season that just came out!

So cheers everyone, get the best out of your binge-watching experience and begin with any one of these since each one is great in its own essence.

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